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Permanent hair removal Cologne | Electro-epilation & needle epilation

Services of the studio of electrolysis in Cologne

I specialize in permanent hair removal by means of electrolysis and offer you the epilation at the following body parts:

Facial Hair Removal

  • Permanent hair removal at the hairline

    The hairline correction is about proportioning the face perfectly. The following “problems” can be solved thanks to electrolysis:

    • Sharp hairline / widow’s point.
    • Deep hairline: Baby hair grows too far in the face. The forehead seems shortened.
    • Uneven line on the hairline.
    • Hair on the temples that grow too close to the eyebrows.

    I make sure that the end of the neck is curved as evenly as possible and not too many hairs are removed. I am happy to help you to an even more beautiful face shape.

  • Permanent hair removal on the eyebrows

    The permanent removal of unwanted hair on the eyebrows or over the nose root (overgrown eyebrows) is also possible with the help of electrolysis. This saves you the painful and time-consuming plucking the annoying hair. Since each hair is treated individually during the electrolysis, the eyebrows can be shaped exactly.

  • Facial Hair Removal / remove lady beard / permanently remove chin hair

    Most women have slight fuzz on the cheeks, chin and upper lip. This natural, fine facial hair usually does not bother. The woman’s beard is quite different – when thick, dark hair sprouts on the face, affected women often find this a psychological burden. But why do some women tend to the ladybeard?
    The causes of excessive hairiness are mostly genetic. Rarely, the unpleasant hair can also occur in conjunction with ( hirsutism. This is excessively strong hair in women, which is caused by male sex hormones (androgens). Often, this excessive hair on the face and on the chest.
    If you have severe facial hair, you should first have the doctor check the causes. If your doctor detects a hormonal disorder, he can treat them with appropriate hormone preparations. Treatment of the hormone disorder usually leads to a reduction in the increased hair growth.
    I am well-versed in this topic and would be pleased to advise you on Hair Removal Face. In most cases, health insurance companies even take care of the treatment costs.

  • Permanently remove sideburns

  • Permanent hair removal on the ears

    Hair on the ears can be easily removed by electrolysis. However, hair removal in the ear canal is not recommended, as hair inside the ear fulfills an important function. They should protect the inner ear from dirt and small insects.

Body hair removal

  • Permanent hair removal on the neck

  • Permanent hair removal on nipples

    Nipple hair. Probably the most annoying of all unwanted hairs on the female body. This type of body hair is not uncommon and is perceived by many women as cosmetically very disturbing. If you pluck, you risk having your hair grow. Electrolysis is the perfect hair removal method, as the hairs are treated selectively and the nipple vest takes no damage.

  • Permanent hair removal on the armpits

    At least one part of the body is on the shaving agenda for most women all year round: the armpit. In addition to visual benefits, smooth armpits also offer hygienic benefits. Contrary to popular belief, sweat in existing armpit hair is not increased, it is only difficult to wash off odor-causing bacteria from hairy armpits than from hairless, which is why hairy armpits tend more likely to smell unpleasant. For many women is thus the regular hair removal under the arms.
    Of course, electrolysis can also be used to remove underarm hair and has many advantages:

    • no redness, pimples or scratched skin;
    • ideal for ingrown hair and a tendency to razor burn;
    • no lesion of birthmarks and liver spots;
    • no itching.
  • Permanent hair removal on the stomach and back

  • Permanent hair removal on the arms and legs

    The permanent hair removal on upper and lower legs as well as on upper and lower arms by means of electrolysis is also possible. Temporary hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing and epilation often lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, redness, pimples and itching on these parts of the body as well. Especially women with sensitive skin often react with prolonged skin irritation afterwards. In addition, the temporary hair removal must be repeated at short intervals.
    Although the permanent hair removal on the arms or legs takes a relatively long time, the result is retained for a lifetime. So your desire for fantastically smooth arms or legs can soon come true.

  • Permanent hair removal in the bikini and genital area

    Hair removal in the bikini and genital area is by no means a fashionable trend of our time. For aesthetic reasons, as well as for hygienic reasons, many women in this area of the body prefer a smooth skin. Unfortunately, the hair grows in this area and it causes skin irritation and inflammation. Electrolysis is ideal for banishing hair and the associated problems from this body area forever.
    Of course, you decide how exactly the result should look like.

  • Permanent hair removal on the buttocks

  • Permanent hair removal on the feet and toes